"Independent living is not doing things by yourself, it is being in control of how things are done"

Judith E. Heumann, cofounder of the World Institute on Disability

Nearly two-thirds of individuals who are elderly, disabled, and living independently with qualified needs receive some level of support and assistance from family and friends. The high cost of managed healthcare often prohibits using professional in-home services, limits decisions to move those in need to assisted living and nursing care facilities, and shifts the emotional, physical, and financial responsibility of taking care of loved ones to family and friend "caregivers".

The burdens associated with caregiving and the reality of more people needing viable options in order to stay healthy and independent while living in their homes and in minimal care facilities are increasing. The time for providing safe, quality, cost efficient assistance to individuals who require care solutions is now.

"Is there an alternative solution?"
                                         ... Yes, it's called Telecaring.

"Is there a solution provider who you can rely on?"
   ... Yes, we're called TellaBoomer TeleCare Services.

Telecaring is all about promoting living independently, comfortably and with dignity regardless of age, income or ability level. Innovations abound to better serve family members increasingly finding themselves "sandwiched" between aging parents who need care while also caring for their own children.

On this website is information for you to better understand the concept of "telecaring", to review our innovative products and services and to meet the company and people who bring this concept to life.

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